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Dec. 27th, 2008 01:22 pm
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1) Copy this list into your own journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.

1. Natto - It is a fermented soy food traditionally eaten for breakfast in Japan, and I have heard that westerners generally think it's vile. I'd try it, but I wouldn't expect to like it.
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For breakfast this morning, I am having Martian Toast. That is, buttered toast with mint jelly. It's green! But it's not people.
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On a recommendation from Diana Dyer, today I went to check out the newer of the Ypsilanti Farmer's Markets. I checked; it's only about a 7-mile round trip from my house. I *really* want those shopping panniers for my bike now! (They are ordered and I am waiting not-so-patiently for them to arrive late this month.) For <$30, I got two big bags of fruit and veg (A melon, beans, corn, a red onion, a very large sweet potato, Macintosh apples, Bartlett pears, a half gallon of apple cider, some hot peppers) and two packages of frozen bison, one of stew meat and one of ground meat. The bison was about half of my total expenditure.

I think I will change my shopping day to Tuesday from Wednesday, and even change my BookMooch mailing day to Tuesday, since the Ypsi downtown post office is across the street from the Tuesday market. Oh bike panniers nau, please!!
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Last weekend, I was honored to be invited to a Lady Food Blogger's Potluck Picnic by my friend [ profile] pattimst3k. I felt rather like a posuer among the invitees, as they included many local food bloggers and group founders who post much more about food than I. I think I have maybe 15 food posts in several years' worth of this journal.

In any case, I dithered and dithered about what to bring, but eventually settled on raspberry lemonade and a green salad with grilled chicken. The lemonade was as easy as possible: I just added some washed and bruised raspberries from the farmers' market to a pitcher of lemonade. The salad was because I hadn't seen much for entrees amongst the dishes that were being planned, and I figured I needed some protein so I wasn't eating only carbs, and there might be other people who felt the same. The chicken had been marinating for a couple of days and needed to be grilled anyway. The marinade included some sage and winter savory from [ profile] therck's garden, freshly ground black pepper, lemon juice, some lime marmalade that I wanted to use up, and some balsamic vinegar. The salad was a simple one of romaine and red leaf lettuces, baby peppers cut into rings, sweet onions in slivers and sunflower seeds for some texture. I took two dressings, a simple mustard-based french vinaigrette and a lemon-thyme vinegrette.

There was a delicious cous cous dish, delicious spreads (goat cheese with honey and herbs and a bean spread) with good bread, a chard custard dish, a wonderful bean dish with oodles of garlic, barbecue beef, fried sage leaves (yum!), a green salad with fresh lettuce from the Ann Arbor Community Farm, herbal tea, a red currant tart, an olive oil cake with balsamic plums on the side, a cherry pie, and amazing company of people to talk to. I had a complete and utter blast. I am sure I am forgetting some of the food, so please accept my apologies if I left out a mention of your dish, and please correct me!

Here's the blog list of the attendees: (64 sq ft kitchen)
[ profile] pattimst3k

Also, I note with satisfaction the LJ news posted today that LiveJournal has reinstated the Basic level for new accounts. It is again possible to start a new LiveJournal account without dealing with ads and without paying a fee. Yay!
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Interesting article about the emerging so-called Homo Obeseus. It puts forward the idea that the typical western diet is screwing us over by sending signals to our DNA to turn us into a "species" unable to cope with inflammation or balance our own metabolisms.

Dairy is a main culprit of promoting inflammation that the article's author cites. As some of you know, I've been struggling at removing dairy from my diet for going on four years now. I have regularly relapsed into eating dairy, but seeing as how I suffer from a certain pesky inflammatory ailment, asthma, reducing inflammation is of great interest to me. Most of my falling off the wagon is when we eat out, as most American cuisine has butter, milk, and cheese all through. It's practically impossible to avoid dairy completely at certain restaurants.

I don't think I'm ready to go vegan, but I am beyond ready to go completely dairy-free. My kids and husband, however, are not at all enthusiastic. My younger child's caloric intake would plummet, at least in the short term, if I removed dairy, as she takes most of it in the form of either yogurt or mac 'n' cheese or cheese pizza. My older child has turned her nose up at my dairy substitutes, especially soy yogurt and ice cream substitutes. Do you have any freaking idea how hard it is to get fully non-dairy cheese? Most soy and rice cheeses have caesin in them, a milk protein, so they melt like regular cheese. So it's dairy but not? Right. I am glad she likes falafel at Jerusalem Garden; there is some hope that I can build on that to reduce dairy in the future. Here's hoping I can find ways for us to unhook from the dairy economy.
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At 6 p.m. on March 16, 2008, Summers-Knoll will welcome world-renowned Chef Alex Young of Zingerman's Roadhouse Restaurant! Chef Alex will be preparing a complete organic dinner together with the children of Summers-Knoll School.

The event will be taking place right at the school, with the rooms decorated and prepared by the children. The menu for this buffet-style meal will reflect the themes of the four rooms - Ancient Rome, Art & Literature, Ancient Egypt, and Mathematics.

Not only will the chldren be participating in the preparation of the meal, they will also be serving it and waiting tables under the guidance of Chef Alex.

Tickets to this event are $50/person. Please contact the school for further details.

...above from the web site here.

Anyone interested in an invite? I am supposed to scare up a couple of people who might be interested. The kids are awesome, and I have no doubt this will be a great time.
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In time for your sugar fix this spring, take a look at Biker Peeps. More biker peeps behind the cut. )


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