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Thanks for coming over, [ profile] slammer2012! We had a blast playing Rock Band and Mario Kart with you. Thank you for lending us Mario Kart.
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If you are in Ann Arbor/Southeast Michigan this holiday and are reading this message, you are invited for board games and hanging out this Boxing Day (December 26), noon to 7pm. We will provide soup or sandwiches or chili or something like that, and will have lemonade, iced tea, and/or kool aid on hand. We will probably make some popcorn, too. If there is a beverage or food you would like to bring to share, please do. But also don't let it stop you from coming if you don't!

If you need directions or have questions, please email me ( works). If you either will be coming or might be coming, please reply or let me know in some way so I can make sure we're not woefully underprovisioned. :)

Have a wonderful holiday. We hope to see you!
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This meme comes from [ profile] jkahane, pointed out to me by an email from [ profile] cornellbox.

Here's a meme working from the newly published Hobby Games: The 100 Best edited by James Lowder and published by Green Ronin Publishing.
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Rail Games

Jun. 16th, 2007 09:27 am
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A week ago, I took a mental health day and went to Michicon. I made [ profile] illyaa deal with both kids' soccer games, and my parents, who came to one of them, to boot. Actually, he volunteered to let me go. I left about 7:15 am, got to Troy about 8:05, had time to go get water and pumpkin seeds at the nearby drug store, and still get there quite early.

There were maybe 125 to 150 people in the room at the peak. We had around 15 people for the Puffing Billy (train games) tournament, many of whom I have known for many years but only see a few times per year. I got to play the playtest copy of Africa Rails. I blew some newbies out of the water at Ticket To Ride Europe; I am a bit of a shark since I am ranked in the top 50 at the online game which has an international list of tens of thousands of players. I felt kind of bad about beating them so badly at that, but they will learn it quicker than if I try to play badly. I played Eurorails with Al, had an unfortunately-large pickup game of Express, but didn't get to play Lunar Rails.

John mentioned the idea of a Mars Rails, loosely based on Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom. He mentioned Space 1889 (the victorian space travel game) as a good resource for such a project. I thoroughly agreed that that would be a fun project. I mentioned that I have a full set of John Carter of Mars paperbacks. Al encouraged John and I to collaborate on such a thing.

As we came up to the 7 pm event slot, John and I were neck and neck, so Al made us play on the same board of India Rails. It ended up 252-220-220, with the win for John. I missed a PB championship, albeit a small-time one, by this much. Got second place and a Mayfair gift certificate.

Got home at just about 11 pm. The venue didn't allow smoking, but plenty of the people I played with are smokers, so I still smelled of it. I took a shower to wash the smoke out of my hair.
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I had a cool idea for a tournament at the next U Con: a racing games tournament.

My first thought was a trio of related games: Top Race, Daytona 500, and Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix. Play one game (3 races) of each, take each player's total ending cash divided by the cash of all players at the end of the game for a rating score, and add the three scores together for tournament scoring. It gives a minor incentive to spend more in the car aution, but otherwise seems pretty neutral as a cross-game scoring system. I have two copies of Daytona 500, and one each of the other two, so it should work.

But I have lots of other racing games that I love, so what about an expanded tournament? Formula De, Speed Circuit, The Stock Car Championship Racing Game, Mille Bournes, and Road Kill (sometimes informally known as "Mille Bournes with guns"). I especialy love Speed Circuit and Road Kill, but these games are all awesome. I almost have a full nine games, perhaps some kind of collect-a-sticker-for-playing system? Just need one more, but I'd have to buy it, 'cause I think that's all of them that we own. Hmm. Circus Maximus (okay, that's chariots instead of cars)? or Formula Motor Racing? Or branch out to a totally different vehicle like Mississippi Queen or some other boat race game, since then I wouldn't have to buy a game just for the tourney?

Any autorace, or other race, games you like or would reccomend?

I'll probably just do the Top Race tourney...anything bigger is probably too ambitious.
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I have a long weekend coming up on January 12-15, since my employer has no school on January 12 or 15 for report writing and MLK, Jr. day. I really would like to go somewhere with [ profile] illyaa, and we really could use some time away together. But I have a hard time envisioning three or four days somewhere with him without something to hold our mutual attention, sad to say. In the summer or even the earlier fall, that could easily be hiking (like we did in the Rockies about a decade ago). I have my doubts he's interested in cross-country skiing, but maybe he will pipe up and contradict me. There's only so many museums I can stand to visit when we can't go walking in between without bundling to the nines.

Ideally this would be a game convention. Two and three years ago, we went to this cool little all-train-games convention in Chattenooga on MLK weekend. BTW, you'll find a picture of me there if you look through the pictures, and there is one of [ profile] illyaa as well. Last year, we were dealing with some bad stuff ([ profile] illyaa's mom had died a few months previous, and he was the personal rep of the estate, for starters), and we didn't go.

[ profile] illyaa told me that the con was moved to February for 2007, which was corroborated by the yahoo group that Mark set up. It's not on the web site AFAICS.

Does anybody know of a games convention that weekend (Jan 12-15)? It's probably a long shot, but, hey, I figure I don't loose anything for asking.

I found an SF con in Boston (Arisa), but I've been off SF conventions for a while. Long story, with way TMI when told correctly.
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The Friday Five

1. When you were a child, what was your favorite game to play? Pinochle. Because my parents would actually talk to me and play with me and my sisters.

2. What is your favorite game to play right now? Oh, wow. Um, I have to pick *one*? Okay, I guess Ticket to Ride. You realize we have like 6 shelving units full of games...?

3. Can you share a good story about playing with others or yourself? Yes, I can. Do you really want me to show my game-geekiness? Since you insist... I am quite proud of the fact that I came in second at the Origins Ticket To Ride final. And can tell you in great and exacting detail how I could/should have done better, and why my husband got first place. You see, he drew cards for northern-route-across-the-board tickets (Seattle to NY), whereas I drew LA to Miami and therefore blocking him was difficult for me to do without screwing myself... Do you really want me to keep this up?

How about this one instead: I knew my daughter S (now age 7) was a gamer when she came to me, unprompted, to tell me that she had trounced her dad at Uno by going out in a hand he got more than 200 points for. At age 5. A true gamer geek. I am so proud. Then, this past weekend at Origins, she made it to the second round in the Set tournament, playing against older kids and adults. The youngest player ever to do so in the history of the tournament. Go S!

4. What do you do for play time fun now? Play board games at the local club, compete in board game tournaments at conventions, play online (mostly TTR online at Days of Wonder, but also Wizard and others), play board and card games with my family...

5. If you were able to invent a game, what would you call it? Um, that would depend on the game, wouldn't it? If you mean, what's a cool name for a game I would like to develop/invent... Chaos. Or how about Chimera?
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I found this picture on the U Con game convention web site. I have been hosting "Kid U Con" there for the last two years. This image is from 2004, the first year we hosted open gaming for the under-10 set. The blond girl is my older daughter, S. She's now 7.5 and plays Wizard, Ticket to Ride, and even RoboRally (but only when we don't have *too* many players to mess up her planned robot program). I haven't tried her on RPGs, yet,though she does own a copy of the Sailor Moon rpg, which she was given as a present when she was <1 year of age by a gaming buddy of ours. The person in the blue shirt is me.

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Well I have a part time job. Unfortunately it's REALLY part time. Two hours per week, teaching Baby Signs level II at First Steps Ann Arbor. I will teach toddlers and their parents/caregivers how to sign the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, numbers up to 30, animals, colors, and other miscellaneous concepts starting in January. I am excited about it, actually. And I will get to sub for the level I teacher as needed, or perhaps take that over at some future point. Who knows?

I'm also looking for more ways to teach or otherwise work with kids, perhaps after school extracurriculars at S's school. The after school program coordinator wants me to tackle Magic: The Gathering. I don't want to do that, as I nearly had two students come to blows when I taught it at summer camp. We'll see if she goes for my other ideas, such as RoboRally (a summer camp success) or a trick card games class (Euchre & Hearts; maybe Wizard or Pinochle or Spades if I need to keep introducing new games).


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