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Apparently this is a product available on the McCain web site:

Also, a teacher mooched a book from me recently. Her bio has an appeal for her project, and she segues with "And now a word from our sponcers..."

Actually, I see a lot of bad spelling on the teacher communities I follow. It worries me.

This is not to say that I am not sometimes guilty of errors and typos. I don't like when I do it either, and can be an obsessive reviser of my own posts and comments both before and after posting them.
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via [ profile] grammar_whores, which I must thank the lovely [ profile] ka_crow for making me aware of, albeit passively.

Warning: there is some non-work-safe language.

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The art of dharma practice requires commitment, technical accomplishment, and imagination. As with all arts, we will fail to realize its full potential if any of these three are lacking. The raw material of dharma practice is ourself and our world, which are to be understood and transformed according to the vision and values of the dharma itself. This is not a process of self- or world- transcendence, but one of self- and world creation. The denial of self challenges only the notion of a static self independent of body and mind--not the ordinary sense of ourself as a person distinct from everyone else. The notion of a static self is the primary obstruction to the realization of our unique potential as an individual being. By dissolving this fiction through a centered vision of the transiency, ambiguity, and contingency of experience, we are freed to create ourself anew.

--Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism Without Beliefs

OK, is "ourself" really a word? Really? ;-p

Actually, I wanted to quote this passage because the "denial of self" or "no-self" idea has always been a challenge to me. The whole ego vs. no ego thing. And this makes total sense of it at last. Well, for me at least. That our minds are more like a bacterium--the kinds that exchange DNA but don't "reproduce" in the sense of creating a separate cell. It's the "same" cell after the interaction but the identity (DNA) is different. Whee. that's enough intellectual exercise for tonight.
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I seem to be avoiding doing the PTO statement. Bad Treasurer! Maybe I won't be re-elected this evening. Riiiight.

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