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Another music player shuffle meme, via [ profile] jadenar. Shuffle up your playlist and let the oracle reveal the answers, aka song titles.

Okay, I wasn’t going to post this. I just did it for fun. But some of the answers are hilarious and/or apropos.

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There is a video of Howard Jones in performance from last weekend that I want to post/embed here. But YouTube appears to not let me do that unless I give then the name of my blog and its password. Fooey. No way. I have already complained on their feedback form.

Even if my journal were 100% public, which it is not, I would not hand over my password to a third party.

The thing is, I know they don't need it from a technical viewpoint, as I have copied embedded object code from other blogs to spread videos before. The Inspector Gadget Beatbox Flute post comes to mind, as well as the entry immediately prior to this one.

Well, here's the link to the video, but it is a poor substitute.
In which Howard tells new stories about the Royals from his times performing for the Prince's Trust concert and then gives a rollicking rendition of Pearl in the Shell
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I received my first woot yesterday, then spent time waiting for a AAA NimH battery to charge while ripping music from CD to my computer. I am currently listening on my new, cheap, MP3/WMA player. It's pretty tiny...only holds 1/2 a gig, and currently contains about 60% of my collection of Howard Jones music. I *wanted* light and small, for purposes of using the player for walking and running.

I've been grooving on Steve Burns' Songs for Dustmites in my head all day. *sings* I am a mighty little man, I am a mighty little man. I guess I'll have to rotate my music before long. *grins*

The ear buds are more comfortable and the player has better sound than I expected. But I still can't figure out the armband. I mean, there's this velcro armband, but the little plastic oversleeve for the player doesn't have a slot to thread it through as far as I can tell. WTF? Maybe I can figure that out later.
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Some people I know have given up on their lives
Drowning their sorrows, and mumblin', and forgot the fight
We can tip the balance we can break those barriers down
Little things count as much as the big and turn it all around

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Last Saturday night, [ profile] illyaa and I went to see Howard Jones in concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. (Thanks again to [ profile] therck for having the girls over!!!!)

It was about as awesome as possible. Almost. At least until the end.

We got there before the doors opened at 7pm, having had dinner just around the corner at a neat seafood restaurant. I was the fifth person in the door. We got seats at one of the high-top tables right in front of the stage. The electric piano was about seven or eight feet in front of me. *mild swoon* I had some wine. We waited and the venue slowly filled with people. I bought the dvd of the Salt Lake acoustic show that was for sale, and Piano Solos finally. I haven't even watched or listened to either of them yet.

HoJo told great stories about his songs. The story about the song above included the fact that he recently went to the wedding of the Joseph mentioned in the lyrics (Joseph who's five years old, stops fights in his playground yard). He sang quite a lot of hits and favorites. He interrupted himself singing Life in One Day more than once to tell us all how he's changed his mind about certain ideas in expressed the lyrics. There were three new songs slated for the upcoming album sprinkled through. He broke into Elton John's Tiny Dancer at one point which seems to have not been on the planned set list--the guitarist was having to work minor miracles to stay with him it seemed--which was amusing as well. This was due to a story about how he didn't get to do an acapella version of Life in One Day with his backup singers at Live Aid, supposedly because Elton's piano had troubles, but they got to do it for certain Brit rock gliterati backstage at least.

Also, unexpectedly-to-me, they did an acoustic version of The Prisoner. This has a great Do-Do-Do-Dooo melody line in it, and is musically one of my favorite songs of HoJo's. But, as he described, it's kind of about having a stalker. It starts You have watched me, safe in your anonymity. He said something about having wanted a stalker, as a joke, actually. Unfortunately, I believe he came to regret these words later in the evening. During the last song to two of the second set, a few fans started getting downright annoying. A fan made as if she were going to rush the stage. ([ profile] illyaa says he heard her talking to her companion, and they were drunk...he heard them slurring their words in conversation.) I was alarmed about this, and remember thinking I might have to tackle this person. I remember tensing to do this. One fan kept begging loudly to hear a particular song from the latest electronic album (Respected...good song actually). Another, or maybe it was the same one, kept yelling "I love you Howard" and other inapporpriate remarks.

So Howard and guitarist Robin Boult did only one encore song; they bowed *behind* the chairs and instruments to the standing ovation. The house lights came up right quick. Security people were out in front of the stage telling us all to go home. Bummer, but totally understandable. I'd been hoping for a meet and greet. I'd even brought along a silver sharpie and a CD single to get an autograph on. I sent Howard an email the next day (hopeless romantic that I am) saying the things I'd been wanting to say in person, thanking him for his work and crediting them in part with digging me out of depression in the last few years. He supposedly reads emails sent to him.

Still totally awesome.
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The Friday Five

1. If you could pick your own theme song, what would it be?
Hmmm....I think it would vary by the day. I'll pick Things Can Only Get Better, though maybe Pearl in the Shell would be more apropos.

2. Now be honest...if others had to pick a song that described you, what would they choose?
I have no frickin' idea.

3. What song would be/was the first dance at your wedding?
I wouldn't choose it if I had it to do over, but it was Just You and Me by Chicago.

4. What song gets stuck in your head most often?
Pearl in the Shell. I just love the horn parts.

5. What song would you want played at your funeral?
If You Love

If you love,
You know you're gonna feel the hurt.
See the flowers
Growin' from the muddy earth.

You never see the sun,
You're never gonna feel the rain.
With your life under glass
In the middle lane,
You'll never feel the joy;
Never feel the pain.
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Fangirl Alert: HoJo coming to SE Michigan. That's HOWARD JONES. )
Anybody want to babysit two adorable children on Sept 30? ;-)

UPDATE: I talked to the Diana from the box office again, and it still hasn't shown up in the system, so I gave her my info. Two tickets will be in the mail tomorrow morning!! *humongous grin*

Just for me

Feb. 1st, 2006 12:45 pm
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Lyrics and discussion: The Wedding Song )
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I just went to Noodles & Co. on Washtenaw for the first time in a long time. One of the workers there greeted me, came over, and asked after my (younger) daughter. We used to go there about once every week or two together, and M always used their chopstick helpers to eat her mac & cheese. (The chopstick helpers turn their chopsicks into tongs, which is actually counterproductive for learning to use chopsicks, but I digress. ;) I was soooo glad when M learned to use the chopstick helpers, because before that, she would have me spear the mac with chopsticks. It was cute, but kept me busy keeping up with her.

This person, who I later found out is named Nancy, took my order (though she may well have been able to recite it by heart, and has before--I almost always get the same thing: spicy thai ceasar with tofu and sweet red pepper). I was telling her that M was in preschool, loving it, and that I was in job-search mode and struggling with it after 8 years out of the regular work force. She told me she was buying me my lunch! Previously I would have made a big show of "no, are you sure? really?" etc. and killed the joy if not the blessing itself. But I put that aside. I thanked her profusely, and she gave me some good ideas for possible teaching leads. She said she hoped they would see me more often again. I think she must be a manager, but I had to ask to get her name, even though this is not the first conversation I have enjoyed wth her.

I had a really nice lunch, enjoying my salad and reading If the Buddha Got Stuck.

Now I am going to write her a thank-you!

Heaven is a somewhere locked inside and I must find the key, wish I'd never locked the door. Ordinary things in life are where this Heaven likes to be. Hold the sky, feet on the floor.
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I looked up Howard Jones' offiical web site today. He was one of my favorite artists back in the 80s, in middle and high school. If you don't know his stuff, well, I don't know what to say about that. Just about all of it is very uplifting, at least for me. It turns out that the buddhist themes I thought I was hearing are there, are deliberate...there is a section on buddhism right alongside his bio. Like I said, I'm slow but I get there. :)

I just opened my new copy of Dream Into Action yesterday. It lifted me out of an impending funk, got me bouncing and ready to tackle anything. Suddenly, I feel I've got to get as much of his work as I can!

I don't know if it's synergy or coincidence or cause, but I am more committed to exploring yoga as a life and career, to reading about and studying buddhism and the yoga sutras, getting my body and my household and my life in better shape, to being the best me I can be. I am grateful for the music and the motivation. Thank you!!!

He has just finished a US tour. So I have time to plan so I can see him next go around.

Why look for the key in another
The answer lay in his own heart
won't find yourself in some other
It was always right there at the start

Howard Jones, excerpt from Why Look For the Key
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Well, M started all-day preschool today (thursday...I guess that's technically yesterday). We signed S up for full-day day camp for next week and the week after, at her request. It's going to be practically a vacation! No kids for 7-8 hours per day all week! Job hunting and prep for summer camp are the things at the top of my agenda.

camp details, job searching, & Howard Jones!!! )

I'm going to see if I can grab a few hours' sleep here. Third try...


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