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The Escapist

I wish I had seen this person/organization's effort at Origins 2008, the "Ludic Amusement Convocation."

And they say they will be back for 2009, maybe even with a LARP! (Note to [ profile] therck, you and your husband might want to check them out and/or help??)
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Well, another Origins has come and gone. It was a good time, and my kids enjoyed it immensely. S went to the paint and take at least three times. She rattled around with Trella's kids a bunch. She also played Betrayal at House on the Hill on Saturday. I even got to see her roll for the final act needed to complete the scenario and win it for the team. M spent a fair amount of time in the kids' room, though most of it was with an adult present with her, and a fair amount of time playing with [ profile] therck's little girl. The kids each got multiple prizes from the kids' room drawings, a total of three games and a puppet. We acquired some new games (though I ended up having to order 1861 online from FunAgain, as the publisher was out and not planning to print any more), played demos (Monty Python Fluxx is going to be awesome!!!!!!!), and generally enjoyed the atmosphere. I slept too little, and ate too much when the food was good food (the two times I got Indian from the North Market) or ate mediocre food from the food court. I did get to have a Krema 'kicker' PB sandwich...spicy PB with raspberry-pepper jelly. Mmmmmm. The usual con things.

I worked for the Train Gamers, though I wonder if I should have worked more than I did, considering. I guess I can make up for that at GenCon, presuming that I am going, or next year. I didn't win many games. Well, I won five games, but four of the five games that I won were Ticket to Ride. The other one was my favorite crayon game, Lunar Rails. I'm starting to think I should just not play any crayon games except Lunar, at least until I've got several other category wins. About those four Ticket to Ride seems I managed to break the streak of placing just behind [ profile] illyaa. See, I made it to the finals (which had more women than men, 3-to-2 btw, and that's unusual in itself), but he did not. Not only that, the fourth T2R game I won *was* that final. It was extremely close; I won by a single point, and only because I took tickets on my last turn but the player immediately to my right did not. I always get too much adrenaline when I play T2R Mega, and the championship game increases the problem by a factor of at least five. However, whatever the provenance, I am the Origins 2008 champion. I was shaking like a leaf for the last third of the game, and for a half hour after. In any case, now I have a plaque, and my first ever train game tournament championship, so I am inordinately proud.

[ profile] illyaa did far more kid wrangling than I. [ profile] therck has my immense thanks for watching M while [ profile] illyaa and I competed in the T2R semis.

I wonder what the story will be for 2011 and later, as the GAMA Origins web pages only list dates through 2010. It would be rather sad if the show moved to another venue, especially since they went to five full days as of this year. Time will tell, I guess.

ETA: Apparently GAMA is keeping Origins in Columbus a little longer. The next day, dates through 2013 magically appeared. They are keeping it in the latter half of June, which is kind of a bummer in that it won't be proximate to Independence Day and we would have to stay lots extra to see Red, White, and Boom.
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We're on our way out to Origins in a few hours. I'm not dressed nor packed, but we've had a huge breakfast of pancakes, strawberries, and melon, the kids are packed, and I think I can be packed and ready to go by 10:30. I'd really like to vacuum out the car...maybe that's worth the extra 45 minutes. Anyway, I'll be away until Sunday dinner time or later. See you on the flip side if I don't see you there.
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Last evening, we went out to Hudson Mills Metropark to see the fireworks. The crowds alone were amazing. We got there about 7:30 and we ended up in the thick of the parking, instead of lined along the entry road as the earlier arrivals were. We knew we were going to be in for a long time getting out. We hung out for about 2.5 hours people-watching, playing Aquarius, wandering about, reading, using the playground, and generally being silly. I got cold and used our second blanket to keep warm under, as I foolishly wore only a skort and tee.

By the time it was dark, both kids huddled under the blanket with me while we waited for the show to begin. Shortly after 10, it did. M complained about how loud it was and said she wanted to go home. I pointed out that even if we left at that moment, she would still be subjected to the loud noises while we exited, so she might as well get out from under the blanket and see the pretty fireworks. The fireworks were very nice. By the end, she was agreeing it was great and that we should come back next year. It took us about 50 minutes to get out of the park after the show was over. Most of that was spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to exit the parking area. We were ushered out a side exit to Huron River drive and got home just after midnight, with two very cranky and sleepy girls. They nonetheless agree it was worth it.

Anybody interested in making a day of it for a cookout at Hudson Mills next year?

And now we are rushing about packing in final prep for Origins. See some of you there this afternoon.

Happy 4th!


Jul. 3rd, 2007 09:40 am
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Hi lovely peoples!

For those going to Origins: we are thinking of possibly going to see Ratatouille tomorrow afternoon or evening depending on what else might be going on. The nearby theatre is offering $2 off when you show your convention badge. Feasible show times for Ratatouille are 2:20, 4:40, 7:00. (There are also noon and 11:15 pm shows, but those wouldn't work for our little band.) Anybody interested?

On the other hand, we could be up for hanging out and playing some games for tomorrow afternoon/evening too. We will be at the Hampton, and hopefully be arriving by 3pm, perhaps earlier if we have our acts together. If you expect to be at Origins and don't already have my mobile phone number, reply to this message so we can make sure you have it and that I have yours.


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