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I finally got up to Once More with Feeling in my Buffy journey.

Best. TV. Show. Episode. Ever.

I &hearts Anthony Stewart Head. And James Marsters, just a little, too.
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I've gotten my two kids, especially S, age 9, hooked on Voyagers! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Voyagers! was a prime time time-travel tv show from the very early 80s. Only one season, only 20 episodes, gloriously cheesy action, excellently simplified history, still smarter than plenty of other TV shows. And Jeffrey's default clothes make you think of Waldo from Where's Waldo fame. We're deep in the 2nd disc out of four. Thank you, NetFlix.

ETA: Jonathan Frakes as Charles Lindburgh in episode 10!! I thought I recognized the voice, but it took a little bit of time before I saw his face clearly. Boy, was he a tall, thin drink of water back then! yum.
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I don't Squee very often, but I squee'd about this:

Acts I & II currently up. Act III will go up Saturday. All will come down Sunday at midnight. Available on iTunes for $2 per episode or $4 for the "season pass." Read the "master plan."
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via [ profile] birdofparadox and her Blog of Paradox entry: news that Joss Whedon is working with Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillon on a new short form musical project, known as DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-A-LONG BLOG.

Here's a reference if you don't believe me.

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To save the show Journeyman, which is fantastic...
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After a friend got a result of 'Sylar,' I figured I would take the Heroes personality test again...

Got the same result both times )
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I was cruising around looking for info on when the Dr Who Special/season kickoff "The Runaway Bride" might be airing on CBC. It doesn't appear that they are broadcasting it on boxing day like last year's "Christmas Invasion." On the other hand, the main BBC Dr Who page has a slowly filling advent calendar with little goodies like wallpapers, sound and video bits, and little games like a 15-puzzle with a bit of dialogue over an image.

Go see the advent calendar and play with the goodies.


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