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There's this goal-oriented meme that's going around: set yourself one hundred and one goals to complete in the next one thousand and one days (roughly 2.75 years). This is a bandwagon I am jumping on. It's BIGGER than New Year's Resolutions! It's more awesome than a's 101/1001!

Here's my 101 in 1001:
Starting January 1, 2008 (originally posted at 9:41 am EST)
Ending September 27, 2010

001. Walk a 5K race
002. Run a 5K race
003. Walk or run a 5K race with my older daughter
004. Walk a 10K race
005. Walk a 10-Mile race (or other longer race, not including specified races)
006. Walk the 2008 Detroit Free Press/Flagstar International Half Marathon
007. Walk the 2009 Detroit Free Press/Flagstar International Half Marathon
008. Participate in the Crim
009. Start and use a running/walking log for three weeks
010. Go skiing
011. Go rock climbing (rock climbing gym counts)
012. Participate in a sand volleyball league
013. Run or walk 10 miles in a week 10 times

014. Attend weekly yoga classes for the duration of one session with no missed classes
015. Practice pranayama twice weekly for five weeks straight
016. Practice yin yoga at least weekly for five weeks straight
017. Do 10 Sun Salutations every morning for 20 days in a row
018. Complete a yoga weekend intensive
019. Stand on my head without a supporting wall for at least one minute
020. Attend a yoga class at the Zen Temple, or some other new venue
021. Complete the World Yoga Practice Month at least once
022. Complete my yoga teacher certification
023. Attend a yoga conference

024. Go to Railcon
025. Go to Mark Derrick’s Chattanooga Rail games convention twice [1/2]
026. Go to Michicon
027. Be a volunteer or GM for UCon
028. Serve as a Puffing Billy Conductor for at least one games convention
029. Host monthly board games for three months straight
030. Create a board or card game
031. Go to MidSumCon

032. Write 5 short stories
033. Become a Contributing Editor of the OEDILF (have 8 more limericks approved)
034. Write one poem per week for five straight weeks
035. Attend a book club meeting to try it out
036. Track all completed reading for one month (fiction, non-fiction, magazines…)

037. Write my morning routine
038. Write my evening routine
039. Set up the color printer
040. Create an emergency plan
041. Use the office-in-a-bag to pay bills from three times in a row
042. Get the scanner off my desk to somewhere usable
043. Organize kitchen cupboards
044. Organize craft closet

045. Give away 100 books on
046. Sell 50 of our current games (about 10%)
047. Donate 15 bags of clothing to good causes
048. Clear the shelves in the garage
049. Create a BookMooch/Lala/eBay/etc. launch pad
050. Sell 10 items on eBay or Craigslist
051. Rearrange living room
052. Return the bean bag toss game to mom & dad
053. Decimate (reduce by 10%) the contents of my desk
054. Go through FlyLady’s babysteps process from beginning to end
055. Finish all of the FlyLady missions for a calendar month

056. Achieve 20,000 Tanga points[20,002/20,000] when I checked to see how close I was. Hah! A palindrome!
057. Create and publish a Tanga Hypercross
058. Create and publish a Tanga One Word Wonder
059. Create and publish a Tanga Cryptopix
060. Finish one Sudoku book cover to cover
061. Complete a difficult (>1000 piece and/or mystery image) jigsaw puzzle by myself

062. Re-enroll in graduate school
063. Read every Tricycle Magazine for the duration (11 total)
064. Attend meditation instruction at the Zen Temple
065. Attend services at the Zen Temple
066. Meditate daily for one full month (minimum 15 minutes)
067. Go an entire week without using a computer
068. Go an entire week without watching TV
069. Take my vitamins every day for one month straight, no excuses for vacation [23/30]
070. Take my inhaler every day at the same time for one month straight, ditto
071. Drink at least six glasses of water every day for one month [10/31]
072. Floss every day for three weeks straight
073. Complete my master’s degree

074. Remodel my bathroom
075. Buy a new mattress
076. Remove kid locks from cabinets
077. Have the chimney inspected & cleaned
078. Research and buy a new furnace
079. Research and buy new air conditioning
080. Paint the basement walls
081. Get the tile replaced in the basement
082. Re-set up the basement entertainment center
083. Unstrap bookshelves and dressers from wall
084. Research and buy an HD TV
085. Research and buy new refrigerator
086. Refinance our house, or move
087. Plant an herb garden
088. Touch up or re-paint where needed
089. Save for and purchase a new dining room table and chairs

090. See at least one live play
091. Go to Chicago for a weekend or longer
902. Go camping
093. Finish seeing all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer AND Angel (or decide that I don’t want to)
094. Go canoeing with my kids
095. Go to Independence Day fireworks with my kids in 2008, 2009, and 2010 [1/3]
096. See Howard Jones live again
097. Go to a Glee Club, Friars, or similar concert
098. Go to the Halloween concert with at least one of my kids
099. Go see a college game of some sport besides football
100. Take my kids to see a live performance of some kind
101. Attend another concert, other than those specifically listed (one that involves tickets)

Not yet started
In progress

ETA: key, start and end date added

In one week this entry will be forward dated so it will stay at the top of my blog and VISIBLE.

Last update: 5/31/09 Wow, I am so behind!
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