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Today was the first day of girl scout troops at AALC. I was told over the weekend that the Daisy (K-1st grade) troop might not exist unless somebody stepped up to be a co-leader. I'd actually put on S's interest form that I *might* be interested in a being a co-leader for the Juniors (4-5th grade). M would have been so disappointed if there had not been a Daisy troop. So guess what? I'm a Daisy co-leader now.

On the good side, M got up this morning and declared before breakfast that she was *so* excited because girls scouts was starting.

On the bad side, I have to pay out to get leader training and buy books and so on, though it's pretty token as regard the training cost. I suppose I can log the mileage as charitable mileage at least.

So, y'all can now buy me Girl Scout gift cards for Xmas if you are inclined to get me something. They come in denominations as small as $5. Then I can buy myself a cardigan so I look official, get some songbooks, purchase other source materials, or register for more training seminars. Or buy the girls each a vest or sash, books, myriad patches and other gewgaws, etc., etc. Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan web site here It's a bit of a racket sometimes, but I do remember my Girl Scout days moderately fondly, before I changed schools and ultimately dropped scouting before Cadet level, due to the athletic team requirements of said school starting in 7th grade. It's worth it if it helps my girls grow into strong women.
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There was a review of the Yoga portion of the Wii Fit "game" that came through on [ profile] yogabuzz this morning. I previously wanted a Wii, as [ profile] dspitzle and others have been waxing rhapsodic about it, and S played it at a friend's house when we went there for dinner several weeks ago. Now I really want t a Wii. In part, the review reads:

"As I did each pose, the game could tell if I was balancing correctly or if I was favoring one leg or another. In fact, it is easy to become more focused on the Balance Indicator than doing the pose properly. At the end of each pose, the game gave me a ranking of Yoga Newcomer, Yoga Novice, Yoga Trainer, or Yoga Master. It also ranked me against my past performance and other yogis who used the game earlier. My friend, Grace, didn’t like this feature. It made her feel too competitive, she said.

The balance board is two inches high, and it was a little strange doing Warrior Pose with one foot elevated on the board, and the other on the ground. But at the end of the day, I do think Wii would be a fun way to help beginning to intermediate level yogis develop a home practice."

Now I just have to come up with $350 somehow so I can get a Wii and this software.
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This meme comes from [ profile] jkahane, pointed out to me by an email from [ profile] cornellbox.

Here's a meme working from the newly published Hobby Games: The 100 Best edited by James Lowder and published by Green Ronin Publishing.
Clicky clicky to see how much of a board game freak I am. )
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I finally went and looked at the BPAL Good Omens collection descriptions.

OMFG, I would like the Crowley one, but now I gotta get my WAR on:
She finished the drink, hefted the sword over one shoulder, and looked around at the puzzled factions, who now encircled her completely. 'Sorry to run out on you, chaps,' she said. 'Would love to stay and get to know you better.'

The men in the room suddenly realized they didn't want to know her better. She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, but not up close.

And she held her sword, and she smiled like a knife.

Red ginger, black spices, patchouli, honeysuckle, and three blood-soaked red musks.

Spicy scents are it. I suppose the Crowley one is meant for a man, but I have always preferred spicy and citrusy, which are traditionally male scents.
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[ profile] folkmew has been discussing shoes for the teaching professional in various teaching communities and her own LJ.

And now I really want some Earth Shoes

Such as the the Picnic, the Classy, or their Igloo boots:

I need some good winter boots. Hm.
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it's cooler than, but probably just as warm as, my fleece jester hat...A Klein Bottle Hat

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As tagged by [ profile] anderyn, I am listing the five bribes calculated to get me motivated.

1. Have my kids for a playdate.

2. Do or schedule time to help me do a household repair or maintenance or improvement.

3. Arrange a service such as professional massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, makeup consultation, wardrobe consultant, or some kind of bodywork and/or makeover help for me.

4. Books or music or other media, especially anatomy references, yoga-related stuff, puzzles, or something you think I may like but might not think of or get for myself. Or lend me materials, or even make suggestions for things from the library. A thoughtful suggestion is much more welcome than an expensive gift that doesn't match my interests.

5. Invite me out or over, for an evening, for a weekend, or for an hour, perhaps to a bar or dinner or for games or something. I don't mean for a movie. I mean out something which has conversation is a substantial part of the event. Talk to me about any mutual interest: books, yoga, music, culture, kids, games, philosophy, or anything, even politics or religion (as long as we keep our heads and can agree to disagree on any volatile stuff).

There are a lot of things I would be willing to do for you if you'd do one of these for me. That's what a good bribe is about!
For "memes" like this one, I'm supposed to tag five others who will then tag five others, and on and on until the meme has TAKEN OVER THE WORLD! BWHAH-HAH-HAH.

So in the interests of spreading this meme, I'll tag.... hmmm....
[ profile] birdofparadox, [ profile] sorcycat, [ profile] therck, [ profile] beginnermind, and [ profile] pegasus_99

And, of course, if anyone else wants to steal this meme and run away with it, go for it! I look forward to seeing what motivates you all.

Edit: I need to add this, since [ profile] anderyn explained the reference on her own bribe list:
BPAL products, such as sample vials
suggested scents include anything citrusy or spicy, maybe Envy, Greed, Wrath, or Delight for example
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I thought of a few more things for my gift list, in case you need another laugh, or are still actually shopping.
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Some years ago now, my parents started insisting that my sibs and I provide gift lists. I resisted then gave in. I prepped one this year, but weirdly no one has asked for it. I wanted to put it somewhere, and it might be amusing so...Here it is. )


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