Nov. 23rd, 2007 09:22 pm
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Tonight I got to try using a Tibetan singing bowl while we were browsing at Ten Thousand Villages downtown. I was a natural at using it. One of the customer service people asked me to demonstrate to another customer, calling me an 'expert.' I guess all that time practicing making mom's water goblets sing, rubbing the sliver edging off of their rims in the process, had some value.
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Today is my last day of full liberty for a while. M's last day of school is tomorrow. S's last day of soccer camp is today. Tomorrow [ profile] illyaa and I go to GenCon for two nights, and the girls will be at my mom's. So I am being irresponsible. Sort of.

I went to Value World after dropping S off at camp. I spent two hours, and less than $14. I got a black sweater tank, a red jacket I can wear for a dressy occasion or with jeans and a tee, a cashmere v-neck sweater, a lime green sleeveless jean jacket, two Living Books software titles, and a CD that I will attempt to trade on LaLa. I love Value World.

Then I went to Bombadil's in downtown Ypsi, where I had coffee and pestered my friend who works there until I felt very, very guilty about taking him from work. He's married to my best friend and college roommate, whom he met at my wedding, and whom I haven't seen in far, far too long. Now I'm home and going to get some stuff done around here before I am home with two kids for the next two weeks.

I hope to take us to the zoo, to the Chelsea TreeHouse, to the library, to the waterpark, and several other area parks in the next two weeks. (You are welcome to tag along for many of these outings, [ profile] therck, if you feel like it)
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Found via [ profile] birdofparadox:

Come on, [ profile] sorcycat, you know you want some.

And then there's these: )
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I finally went and looked at the BPAL Good Omens collection descriptions.

OMFG, I would like the Crowley one, but now I gotta get my WAR on:
She finished the drink, hefted the sword over one shoulder, and looked around at the puzzled factions, who now encircled her completely. 'Sorry to run out on you, chaps,' she said. 'Would love to stay and get to know you better.'

The men in the room suddenly realized they didn't want to know her better. She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, but not up close.

And she held her sword, and she smiled like a knife.

Red ginger, black spices, patchouli, honeysuckle, and three blood-soaked red musks.

Spicy scents are it. I suppose the Crowley one is meant for a man, but I have always preferred spicy and citrusy, which are traditionally male scents.
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via [ profile] npr_junkie, The Nina Totin' Bag, featuring judicial-beat reporter and icon Nina Totenberg.

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[ profile] folkmew has been discussing shoes for the teaching professional in various teaching communities and her own LJ.

And now I really want some Earth Shoes

Such as the the Picnic, the Classy, or their Igloo boots:

I need some good winter boots. Hm.
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oniomania (O-nee-uh-MAY-nee-uh, -MAYN-yuh) noun: Compulsive shopping; excessive, uncontrollable desire to buy things.

I just finished reading Not Buying It: My year without shopping. Wow. I don't think it possible to go whole hog on this project with kids unless you drop out of the culture or become amish or something, but definitely food for thought. On the other hand: imagine raising a daughter without Disney Princesses anywhere in sight!!! Oh, yes, please!

Highly reccomended.


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